Around Knobs Flat

Would you like to help out around the place, you might not even need to be here at the time. Large or small, indoors and out, there are always things to be done. Electrical engineer? We have some interesting issues with batteries and inverter power. An ecologist, well where do you start? A way with words? I'm sure this web site could benefit from a little editing. Computing or cleaning, building maintenance or bicycle repair.

If you would like to help out please ask, your interest and skill may be just what is needed.

Over the years many people have generously given their time, skill and resources to help us reach this stage (and we know who they/you are, mostly). We acknowledge this here and to them say a very big thank you.

Up until now it has been friends or friends of friends who have helped. Alex has changed that. He wanted to do some volunteer work in NZ in return for keep and in January was put onto Knobs Flat through the Fiordland employment centre. It was a first for both of us. Alex will later be volunteering for a month in Costa Rica in a National Park before going back home to Belgium and perhaps university to do biology. Go Alex!


On biological and related programmes

Around the premises and outside the (metaphorical) gates there are a number of simple things that can readily be done to make a difference. Larger more ambitious projects, as they say, "may take some time".  As we are just starting out at Knobs, the easy and obvious things get the first priority.

Now it may not sound like fun, but a walk down the highway when the traffic has died to a nothing leaves the road open to experience the sights, sounds and smells of the bush and grasslands around. Along the way it is easy to gather up the few items discarded from the passing traffic.

DOC have numerous biological programmes running in the valley, some continuously ongoing while others are one off or occasional . We are investigating ways to complement the existing or indeed foster new activity as appropriate. There is an ongoing trapping programme for stoats and their ilk. Many plant and animal species are the subject of monitoring programmes. Limiting the introduction and spread of weeds is an ongoing issue. Broom, gorse, lupins and Darwin's barberry are all in the area or on the borders. Weeds are either removed or identified for further treatment. Depending upon the circumstances you may be able to help out in any of these or other areas of interest. Please feel free to inquire about the opportunities. A more formal programme of assistance suitable for Knobs Flat guests and staff will be developed over time.

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