The Knobs

Fifteen minutes walk (two minutes drive) along the Milford road from Knobs Flat, a gravel water course forms a perfect short path out across the flats to several of trhe prominent Knobs Flat knobs. Enjoy the vista and contemplate life from a grassy knoll. This is true New Zealand country with winding trout filled creeks and mountainous surroundings. Be sure to bring your camera along for once in a lifetime photo opportunities.  Once considered glacial remains (Kames) the knobs are now recognised as being slump debris remains.  Part of the valley wall to the east fell down into the valley floor.  While this probably happened soon after the last of the glaciers retreated 12000 years ago the place where the debris came from is still eroding away and remains highly visible today.  Following on from the slump,  the river gravels have filled up around and over the debris so all that remains visible now are its tops.  

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