Deer Flat

Follow the Eglinton River margins 2.5 km down stream from Knobs Flat to Deer Flat. Return the same way or back along the road. Once the habitat of blue duck, the river is now a haven for trout. Along the way you are likely to come across a variety of wildlife including the mohua (yellowhead) as the tramping track weaves its way in and out of the bush and grassy river margins.

One of the more popular camping sites along the road, Deer Flat has recently seen repeated flooding and storm damage so the lower areas have been closed to camping and the track to it is going to be a little quieter and more challenging. The mistletoe however should be just as spectacular around Christmas

This is a medium level short hike though if you do just walk in a short distance from either end it is easy and worthwhile. There is likely to be windfall across the track, testament to the forces of nature, and this may prove an occasional challenge to the walker who takes in the whole distance.

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