A great deal has already been achieved
Since its foundation in 2005, the Pomona Island Charitable Trust, together with its volunteers, Friends and supporters, has eradicated introduced animal pest species from Pomona and Rona Islands.

Our focus has now turned to maintaining the islands as pest-free sanctuaries and introducing threatened and endangered bird species.

Please take time to explore our website to see what we have achieved, what our current projects are and what we have planned for the future.


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Pomona Island Charitable Trust
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Restoring Pomona and Rona Islands on Lake Manapouri

Our Vision
The Pomona Island Charitable Trust is strongly focused on conservation. In years to come, people will want to visit Pomona Island on Lake Manapouri to see and hear a wide range of native birds, including many endangered species indigenous to the area, in a largely unspoiled, relatively easily accessible part of Fiordland. By visiting Pomona Island visitors will be able to imagine Fiordland as it was before introduced pests became established.

Pomona Island Charitable Trust
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