Eglinton river habitat restoration

The open space of the shingle river beds of the Eglinton river are under threat from lupins, thistles and other weeds. Open space is the prefered habitat of black-fronted terns and dotterels. Both species nest in the river bed near Knobs Flat. Introduced predators such as stoats and cats form another threath to these ground nesting birds. Black-fronted terns and dotterels are under threat nationally as habitats diminish.

A small team of locals, visiting volunteers, Department of Conservation, and Knobs Flat Accomodation staff have started a restoration project to keep the river habitat open. Grubbing of lupins over the summer was followed by a spraying programme in the autumn. Stoat traps have been placed close to the nesting sites of the black-tronted terns to add to the existing network of stoat traps serviced by the Department of Conservation. Click here to find out more about the Eglinton river habitat restoration project.

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