Conservation fund

People often come in off the road looking for assistance. “My battery is flat, my camper is stuck, I'm nearly out of fuel, my car window is jammed, can you help?” We have set up a donations fund sourced from people who we have helped. They contribute what they think it has been worth, paying for any goods with the rest going into the fund.

The fund has been used to purchase stoat traps for around the Knobs Flat area to complement the existing predator control programme managed by the Department of Conservation. Stoats are a very adept introduced predator that is contributing to the decline in New Zealand native animal species and here in the Eglinton Valley that is no exception.

There are many other ideas for small and large projects that 'make a difference' that will be investigated as time and opportunity allows. It could be as simple as picking up the roadside rubbish or large as the restoration of habitat and the reintroduction of species such as the blue duck into the valley. How does that saying go? If you don't reach for the sky you are very unlikely to get there.

The Department of Conservation and other agencies undertake a variety of one off and ongoing research and management programmes in the Eglinton Valley as part of a specific nationwide programme. Sponsorship and funding assistance for new and existing management and research helps progress this vital work.

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