About us

We have a commitment to restoration of the environment and along with an active recycling programme and focus on energy and waste minimisation we also take our social responsibility seriously. Within the bounds of the world that shapes us, it is afterall people that make the difference, be they staff, the community or visitors.


It is our mission to provide an accommodation based tourism business serving the needs of the environmentally conscious traveler as well as awakening the minds of the passing visitor on the Milford Road, while minimising the footprint on and indeed enhancing the environment through providing the opportunity to better understand the environment and make a positive difference.


Knobs Flat in the Eglinton Valley of Fiordland National Park is our base. It has a natural energy and beauty and an ecological value that is recognised nationally. At Knobs we weave the elements of nature into an understanding that cannot be experienced elsewhere. We cater for small groups from 1 to 12. For larger party sizes, guided trips are split to ensure a more personal service. Life is a journey, not a destination. Knobs is a place, your participation part of the journey.

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Where is Knobs Flat?

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